Professional Work


I'm currently working on The Last of Us: Part II at Naughty Dog.

Levels worked on: Chapter 7- The Lost Legacy (Level Design/Scripting)| Chapter 8 – Partners (Level Design/Scripting)| Chapter 9 – End of the line (Scripting)

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Levels worked on:Contact | Recovery |Relic Within Crytek I assisted with the team converting the original Crysis game to consoles (Xbox 360/PS3). This involved in some cases redesigning encounters and optimizing and balancing scenarios. Some environmental redesign was necessary to counter new optimization considerations and re-balanced encounters.
Levels worked on: Pier 17 | Liberty Island | Evac Zone | Chasm On Crysis 2 I was mostly responsible for designing levels for the multiplayer component of the game. This involved blocking levels out from scratch and seeing them all through development to final release. I also inherited levels that had had some blockout work done to take them through to final development which often required redesigning or rebalancing of certain areas.