Personal Work

Tomb of the Old God – CryEngine
Editor 2016-02-09 00-20-54-02Editor 2016-02-09 00-19-55-18Editor 2016-02-09 00-19-15-72tomb
There is so much to CryEngine and small projects such as this allow me to keep improving my skills and workflow. With this project I wanted to improve my terrain sculpting composition and combat scenario layouts. My favourite bit is definitely the end but I had fun putting together AI and cinematics for the lead up.
Washed Ashore – Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Map
Washed Ashore 3 Washed Ashore 2 Washed Ashore 1 Washed Ashore 7
“Washed Ashore” is a custom published Multiplayer map for Far Cry 3. It supports the Domination Team Death Match and Firestorm game modes. I created this map in order to document and exemplify my creation process for large terrain based multiplayer levels. You can read more about that process here.
Arco – Personal Project
“Arco” was a project I worked on as part of a 5-person team consisting of students from the Computer Games Technology course at Abertay University in Dundee. The game was created in a custom engine built entirely by the team. My role within the team consisted of gameplay and UI programming as well as mission design.